Township to partner with the county on retail analysis

A recent partnership between Clermont County and Miami Township is hoped to turn a profit when a retail analysis determines what sorts of upscale shopping and dining services would be interested in moving to the area.

In all, the study will take around $25,000 from both the county and the township, but the expected benefit could be worth it.

“That research will help the township and county understand exactly what retailers would locate to these specific locations based on the buying power of people living around there,” said Clermont County Director of Economic Development Andrew Kuchta. “That information is critical to attract a developer to be involved with the project.”

The plan is to create an upscale shopping and dining center in the county, and perhaps more than one. Currently, the area is well-served by a number of retail outlets, said Kuchta, but the county would benefit from something more unique that may draw in shoppers from other areas.