Milford district to keep neighborhood schools

Milford schools recently announced that the popular neighborhood schools program would remain in place, despite predictions to the contrary after the last levy attempt was struck down by voters.

The district claimed that, while neighborhood schools was a superior method of schooling, the costs would be too high to continue without additional funding. Now, however, the district has agreed to keep neighborhood schools in place at the cost of not replacing bus routes that were canceled at the beginning of the year.

“This will maintain what our system is right now,” said Valerie Miller, Communications Coordinator for Milford Schools. “As it stands, the fact that we’re continuing business as is doesn’t require the board to take action. They came to a consensus that this is the direction they are going. Really, the change was in the routes. We gave up leases on only eight buses when we went to state minimum in January. The idea at the time was it was going to be a temporary change.”