Four honored for efforts

Miami Township honored four men last week after their quick thinking saved a woman from burning alive in a wrecked car.

Sarah Cubbage was pulled from the wreckage of her vehicle only seconds before the entire car was engulfed in flames, but said she didn’t remember anything because she was unconscious the entire time.

“This is the greatest blessing, to be able to meet them,” said Cubbage. “I didn’t even know that they knew who these people were. As far as I was concerned, I thought it was an angel God sent. But, they were real people, and it’s so good to meet them. I’m glad they were rewarded, because they deserve every bit of it. I’m standing here because of what they did. We aren’t guaranteed time, I could have died that day. I’m so thankful that God’s in my life and I want people to know what that’s done for me. I could have died, but if I did, I knew where I was going. It’s scary sometimes to not know how much time we have, but I know that if I were to die, where I would go. That’s such an assurance.”

At the March 20 township meeting, the trustees awarded Cubbage’s rescuers with Lifesaving Awards for their efforts. Honored were Miami Township Police Officer Brian Mehne, Shaun Fausz of Ft. Thomas and Eric and Ryan Hamil of Miami Township.