Batavia Township opposes storm water utility

A proposal by Clermont County to create a storm water district to monitor, maintain, update and create storm water infrastructure hit a snag last week when the Batavia Township Board of Trustees adopted a resolution opposing the creation of a “storm water fee” to fund the district.

“We’re losing lots of houses here in the county, with them being repossessed,” said trustee Archie Wilson. “With all of these increases in water and sewer and levies coming up, people are losing their homes. I don’t feel right just tacking things on. They call this a fee, but I call it a tax. We have no voice in it, people can’t vote on it. With our police levy, people had the opportunity to vote on it. These kind that creep in and create a new fee – they don’t call it a tax, and people can’t afford it anymore.”

The storm water district would provide a service desperately needed in portions of the county – controlling storm water buildup and preventing flooding in flood-prone neighborhoods. However, the new county department would require extra funding, and as such a fee of $3.81 a month per single family residence and a similar fee for businesses based on the physical size of the business was proposed.