Sebastian receives award for building code enforcement

Clermont County’s chief building official Ray Sebastian was recently honored with the Victor C. Jones Award, presented by the Ohio Building Officials Association for innovation in the field of code enforcement.

The award, given by the state to one person each year, is the first given to someone in Clermont County and is chiefly due to Sebastian’s efforts to help ease the burden on residents seeking to get permits, such as for a new home.

“When I started, I was hired as a chief mechanical inspector,” said Sebastian. “I worked with things involving heating, air conditioning or ventilation or fire protection. Commercial growth was beginning in the county and I was pretty up to date with what was going on there. When I started here, I began to feel the pain from the different departments. The counter I worked from, if someone was building a house, they had to deal with three different clerks, fill out three different forms – basically your phone, address and name three different times. What a slug of bureaucracy. This concept evolved from there.”