Milford residents band together to help local school district

Some Milford school district residents have banded together to create a new organization dedicated to providing suggestions to the school board concerning a range of issues in the district. The group, Common Ground, is designed to bring people together to create a forum where people can air their concerns, and perhaps come up with different ideas to help the district deal with funding and other challenges.

“When the levy was getting in motion for the February ballot, a group of no-voters, yes-voters and everyone in between came together,” said Common Ground communications chair Susan Kupka. “It was a small group of about 22 people, and they wanted to just find a way to open discussion and talk about the district beyond the levy. It wasn’t to get people to come to one side or the other. It was to move the district forward.”

Valerie Miller, Communications Coordinator for Milford Schools, said that Common Ground is not the first such group to form in the district in an effort to explore new avenues for the district.