Displaced Clermont workers to benefit from grant

Clermont County will have the chance to participate in an innovative new approach to job development, thanks to a state grant for workforce development.

Tim McCartney, Director of the Clermont County Department of Job and Family Services, said that Clermont County’s participation in a regional workforce group will give it a slot in the program, which will begin soon with the help of a $645,000 grant.

“Clermont County is part of a workforce development area,” said McCartney. “That comprises Clermont, Butler and Warren counties. That is a workforce investment area, and the grant was awarded to the board that oversees it. Clermont County is a part of that.”

The grant is designed to help create a better environment for finding jobs and matching them to workers. McCartney said that this first phase of the grant will focus on determining what skills and jobs are available in the region.