Business thrives in Clermont

To most, keeping out of the gutter could be considered a good thing, and to that end, Tony Iannelli is finding rewards in keeping things out of the gutter.

Iannelli, owner of Gutter Covers International, has enjoyed seeing his business flourish from a small second-hand shop into a thriving international operation that is leaving the competition behind.

“I started out in the gutter business some years ago, in 1969, and we installed hundreds of thousands of feet of gutter screens,” said Iannelli. “People always complained that we were only gone two days and the screen had blown off. That was just a characteristic of screens, they blow off or get full of snow and sink into the gutters. They had major problems, but there was nothing better in the marketplace.”

Those early days, said Iannelli, caused some frustration for installer and purchaser, due to a lack of any truly effective product to keep the gutters along roof lines flowing clean and clear. A new product on the market attracted some attention, but Iannelli said that it really didn’t fix problems so much as create new ones.