Batavia man’s hobby makes a splash

Any good fisherman knows that to catch fish you’ve got to have the right equipment.

Good bait and even better lures are necessary to coax the big fish into biting, hopefully adding a bit of truth to the fish story at the end of the day. But finding that perfect lure can be tricky. Luckily, Batavia resident Jim Noll knows a good turn when he sees it.

“I’ve got at least 35 years in woodworking of all sorts, carpentry, carving,” said Noll. “About three years ago, I got this idea to use scraps of wood to make lures instead of throwing it away. I did all kinds of research about different lures, how they’re made, and the actions of them and whatever. I’m retired, it’s not a big business, but a hobby. I’ve broken $1,000 over the years selling them.”

Lures By Jim, a backyard wood shop hobby, has made a splash with a number of fishermen who are picky about what they cast about when in search of a trophy fish. Noll said that after seeing the suggestion to use scraps to make lures, his lifelong love of fishing kind of kicked in and the rest was easy.