Board leadership remains strong at Senior Services

One of the major strengths of Clermont Senior Services over the years has been the strong leadership provided by the board of trustees.

As a nonprofit organization the board of trustees serves as the governing body of the agency. The board’s most important function is ensuring that all financial resources are used wisely to delivery quality services as cost effectively as possible.

This requires vigilant oversight by individuals who are committed to the agency’s mission of providing a broad range of services that help older adults continue enjoying the comfort of their own homes. At Clermont Senior Services we have 21 board members dedicated to this purpose.

Members are appointed for two-year terms. After four consecutive terms they must step down from board service. Term limits are a common practice for nonprofit boards and, not surprisingly, can be viewed as both bad and good for the organization.

The downside is losing talented members when it comes time for them to step down. The upside is that Clermont County is blessed to have a pool of highly talented individuals who are willing to step forward and take the place of the outgoing members, allowing us to maintain strong and effective board leadership.

At the agency’s annual meeting on April 3, four outstanding members will be leaving the board. People in the community who know Jim Parker, Ed Smith, Jim Shriver and Karen Wehrman understand that their knowledge and leadership will be greatly missed. We are blessed in knowing they will continue to be strong advocates in support of the agency and its mission.

It is the agency’s good fortune that four equally capable individuals will be joining the board. The new members are Andy McCreanor, Executive Vice President with National Bank & Trust; Mick McLaughlin, retired Assistant Dean with U.C. Clermont; A.J. “Tim” Rodenberg Jr., County Sheriff; and Barbara Wiedenbein, Common Pleas Clerk of Courts and a Union Township Trustee. These individuals represent the benefit of term limits in bringing new ideas and energy to the board of trustees.

Board officers for the next two years will be Board Chair, Ed Rust, retired President/CEO of Centennial Savings Bank; Chair Elect, Tom Rocklin, Senior Software Engineer with UGS Corporation; Treasurer, Jim McDonough, retired Dean, U.C. Clermont; and Secretary, Lucy Snell, civic volunteer.

The remaining members of the board of trustees of Clermont Senior Services are Ina Banfill, Barbara Burke, Tom Cole, Melda Fant, Bill Fiedler, Ron Gramke, Danny Grant, Cindy Jenkins, Ed Nurre, George Rooks, Ken Stewart, Matt VanSant, and Judy Walker.

During my 35 years of working with nonprofit boards, including the past 16 at Clermont Senior Services, I’ve learned to appreciate the value of having strong board leadership. I try never to take for granted the incredibly generous gift of time and knowledge these individuals share through their volunteer service. Their friendship, support, and dedication to this cause are priceless.