Zoning changes ratified in Batavia

The Batavia Township Trustees voted Feb. 20 to ratify a series of text amendments to the zoning code. The move came at the end of a journey which lasted for over a year for the trustees, who began work on the amendments in early 2006.

“We adopted our text amendments, which will go into effect in 30 days,” said township administrator Rex Parsons. “This is quite lengthy, it was a process we began in January of 2006.”

The trustees also cleaned up a zoning irregularity on a piece of property located near their old township hall. Property located at the corner of Summit Road and Old 32 had existed in a split-zone state since zoning was adopted in the township in the 1960s. The trustees voted to make the entire property B2.

Township residents will be able to clean up their property soon. Batavia Township will hold its annual spring cleanup days on May 3-5, with the fall cleanup days being scheduled for Oct. 4-6. More information on the cleanup can be found by calling (513) 732-1363.