Man arrested after assault, burglaries

A New Richmond woman is likely lucky to be alive and well after a Florida man broke into her house on two occasions, assaulting her the second time.

Arrested is Michael Allen Scott, 49, of Bradenton, Florida. He was arrested by the Clermont County Sheriff’s Department on Feb. 22 for aggravated burglary after his second visit to the victim’s house.

According to a press release from the New Richmond Police Department, Scott broke into a woman’s house twice. The woman, a former acquaintance, was first faced by Scott on Feb. 2 when he climbed through an unlocked window. According to the release, Scott told the women, when she found him in her house, that it was her “worst nightmare.” The victim, however, had already called 911. Officer Floyd Henderson arrived shortly thereafter and arrested Scott on burglary charges. Those charges, however, were dismissed in court because the victim was out of town during Scott’s first court appearance. While in the process of re-filing charges, authorities were alerted to the second break in.