Research underway to find a marketable image for Goshen

Goshen Township is hoping that a little research will go a long way towards fixing an image problem, that image problem being a lack of image.

Goshen officials are hoping to create an image through a process called “branding,” which will basically give the township a way to identify itself to the rest of the world.

“We are trying within the township to determine a marketable image,” said Eric Lutz, who is chairing the branding committee. “That would enhance and assist in economic development. With what the township is doing in the state Route 28 corridor project study, we have some assistance from the UC school of planning to determine what assets we have in the township and immediate surrounding area.”

The township, which has retained much of its rural flavor, is trying to slow the advance of starter home sales and create a more upscale flavor, hopefully one involving horses, said trustee Mike Keeley.