Shouse to be recognized at the annual Salute to Leaders ceremony

The annual Clermont 20/20 salute to leaders banquet and awards ceremony will be held March 8, and final selections have been made as to who is being recognized for their work in the county this year.

Cindy Jenkins, director of Clermont 20/20, said that a county resident is picked every year to represent the townships, the City of Milford, and a number of other categories for their work in the community.

“Each year, we reach out to all of the townships and the city of Milford,” said Jenkins. “They know more than anyone who in their community is really doing good things. We also have nine county awards, and parks and recreation is one of those. The nomination process begins in November, and we pull together a review committee that consists of at least one person from areas like education, health, human services, civics, parks and recreation and that way, we have some inside knowledge too.”

This year, Ron Shouse will be accepting the award for the parks and recreation category. Shouse is an employee of the Clermont County department of parks and recreation and is well-known for his efforts in promoting both the efforts of that department and other historic efforts, such as the Grassy Run Historical Arts Committee.