Pilot program addresses storm water problems

John McManus of the Clermont County Office of Storm Water Management said that a pilot program currently underway has thus far been a success.

That project, an upgrade and replacement to a portion of the Williamsburg storm water system, is expected to be completed by some time this spring.

“There was flooding in the area of Hudson Avenue and Main Street,” said McManus. “One residence in particular got it very bad. The drainage for a fairly large area went into this family’s yard, which is very low and essentially became a detention basin for this flow. It filled up during decent-sized storms. That’s what we wanted to address, but when we got into the design of it, it was a fairly large problem.”

The Clermont County Storm Water Management office is responsible for helping to plan effective ways to alleviate stormwater issues, such as flooding, in areas of the county that currently face a range of water drainage issues. Currently, plans are underway to create a stormwater utility that will collect money for the purpose of upgrading, maintaining and creating storm water infrastructure.