Ken Rushford’s efforts saves the life of Glen Este athlete

You only notice them when you need them. They are not extremely noticeable. They are generally quiet and unassuming. But very recently additional positive evidence was recorded which strongly points out the tremendous value and the importance of the athletic trainers of the respective Clermont County high school athletic departments.

On Jan. 12, at Glen Este High School, the Trojan boys basketball teams were competing against Winton Woods’ Warriors.

Ken Rushford is the athletic trainer at Glen Este High School. He is a member of the staff of Wellington Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine. His office is located in the Eastgate area. He is currently serving his third year as the athletic trainer at Glen Este.

He recalls, “I was in the gym doing rehab with the basketball players when I was told one of the wrestlers was down. I got there and gave it my initial evaluation. He had a heartbeat, but wasn’t breathing. I performed rescue breathing. His heart stopped and I had to get out the defibrillator and I had to deliver a shock. Then the emergency medical people arrived.”