Batavia Township intersection to be closed for repair and reconstruction

One of Batavia Township’s most problematic intersections will get a boost of sorts sometime this summer when the Bauer Road, Old SR 32 intersection is closed for repairs and reconstruction.

The intersection, which is located just east of Batavia, currently features a large dip in a curve that creates a hiding place for oncoming traffic, resulting in several traffic accidents over the years.

“That’s a real bad intersection,” said Batavia Township Administrator Rex Parsons. “Given the growth with the Cross Pointe subdivision and the growth on the other side of SR 32 on Bauer Road, with the county offices, people coming to and from that generates a lot of traffic. You can’t see very far and there are more cars coming faster, making for a bad intersection. We’ve been wanting to address this.”

According to Parsons, the township and county will be working together to make the improvements, which will benefit both a township and county road. A grant will contribute much of the half million dollar pricetag for the project, which will also use matching funds from the county and township.