Ringland to run for seat on 12th District Court

Clermont County Common Pleas Judge Robert Ringland has stepped up to be the first candidate running for a new seat created in the 12th district court of appeals. The 12th district court of appeals hears cases in Butler County.

“I sat on the court of appeals before,” said Judge Ringland. “It was on a case-by-case basis back in the ’80s. The supreme court appointed trial judges to sit on the court of appeals as long as it didn’t involve any of their own cases. I sat on the board of appeals in the 12th district, which is Middletown, the 2nd, which is Dayton, and I heard cases in Columbus in the 10th district, and Cleveland, the 8th district. I found it interesting.”

Judge Ringland said that his interest has grown in the appeals court since his time as a case-by-case member. The chance to run was, therefore, a natural for the Clermont judge who will be running in the May, 2008 primary.

“I’d like to try to do some more if it,” said Judge Ringland. “It’s a challenge. While I’ve had some experience, I consider it a new challenge. I like it, so it’s something I would consider doing.”