Music theory group meets at library

Aspiring musicians are receiving training with the opportunity to learn more about the art of guitar playing through the offering of music theory classes.

The class group, which meets at the Owensville branch library every Wednesday night, began 10 months ago with the intention of studying music theory, said volunteer group instructor and library cataloguing and reference services director Aaron Smith.

“Initially, we studied music theory,” he said. “It quickly morphed into a study of various rock guitar styles and techniques, with a focus on playing opportunities for students of all high school ages at all levels of capability. These determined student musicians are very committed to artistic excellence.”

They spend the 90-minute music session sitting in a circle playing electric and acoustic guitars (there is an occasional keyboard, a wind instrument, or drums). Anyone with a passion for music is welcomed to participate. There are usually 10-15 participants, from beginners to advanced, who practice and create simple, repetitive patterns that everyone can play.

The class, more like a rock and roll jam session, also offers more advanced players the opportunity to work on solo techniques.