Union Township Trustees waiting for firehouse designs

The Union Township board of trustees will have to wait a little longer to make a decision as to the design of a new fire house. The new station, which will be located on Bach-Buxton Road, is currently in the design stage, but a strong dose of winter illness has delayed that process for the near future.

“Unfortunately, we have not received a report on the review of the bids from the independent contractor,” said Union Township Fire Chief Stan Deimling. “Apparently, this is due to widespread illness within that company. I don’t have an indication at this point when we will receive that report. The board may want to set a special meeting to award that contract based on when we get it. I’ll keep the board informed of the status of this.”

The trustees agreed to plan either a special meeting or incorporation of the process into their next regular meeting depending on when the plans are submitted to the township.