Teens nabbed after morning vandalism spree

Four teenagers from Union Township and Miami Township have been charged in a malicious vandalism case. According to the Miami Township Police Department, the four teens were caught and confessed to a series of incidents in both Miami and Union townships early Sunday morning, and are each charged with 72 counts of vandalism in the damaging of 18 homes.

Several mailboxes and light posts were smashed with a baseball bat and several cars were egged during the spree, which ended at 2 a.m. when the teens were apprehended by the Miami Township Police. All of the teens, including a Miami Township girl, age 17, and three other teens from Union Township, one age 17 and the other two 16, confessed when apprehended by the police.

“Totally senseless,” said Miami Township Police Chief Steve Bailey. “Innocent people woke up Sunday morning to find a lot of damage to their homes and cars. Hopefully, these culprits and their parents will pay for what they did when they go through the legal system.”