Salt alternatives can protect water supply

While snowy weather can often mean a car covered in salt residue, the common man does have an alternative to de-icing their homes that doesn’t involve the harmful corrosive after-effects of rock salt.

Although tried and true, rock salt has met its match in terms of finding an effective and affordable alternative that won’t destroy more than the ice it’s used against.

Wade Hawes, with Clermont County stormwater management, said that two alternatives have been around for a while, and are now becoming easier to find.

“These alternatives have been around for quite a while,” Hawes said. “It’s just been making them available and affordable that’s been the hang-up. People have been using calcium chloride and calcium magnesium acetate for a few years.”

John McManus, director of stormwater management, said that safety is obviously the first area of concern when it comes to clearing out snow and ice. However, if there is a way to clear roads, sidewalks and driveways without damaging the environment, that method should be examined. Hawes said that rock salt, although effective, is dangerous to the environment.