Small Business Development Center recognized by Gov. Taft

After 24 years of service, the Small Business Development Center operated by the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce was recognized by Governor Taft for the contributions they make to business in the region. John Melvin, Director of the SBDC, said that the center received written recognition recently for their efforts.

“This was a letter of recognition to the Clermont Chamber of Commerce for the many years of hosting the small business development center,” said Melvin. “It commented on the governor’s appreciation for the work that small business development centers do in terms of assisting entrepreneurs and creating opportunities for jobs and investments in the community.”

Small business development centers are located around the nation and are designed to provide small businesses with a boost. The boosts can come in the form of planning, networking and counseling – all ways to provide small businesses with support that they generally need, but can’t find elsewhere.