Riverside Coffee Mill opens

Jamie Kinner came home one day and told her husband Michael that she had an idea, an exact vision of what she wanted to do. She wanted to open a coffee shop, but a different kind of coffee shop.

“I wanted to bring something to the community that everyone can use and that everyone likes, but I also wanted to create a family friendly environment,” Jamie said. “That has been one of our main focuses. A coffee shop should be a place where family and friends can comfortably meet, a place to make new friends; we want the Riverside Coffee Mill to be an extension of our living room.”

Jamie and Michael Kinner, who both have professional food and beverage experience, purchased the building and property, located at 177 S. Riverside in Batavia, in July of 2004, and after a full year of renovation, research, menu concept, pricing, purchasing, and layout design, Jamie’s vision was realized with the shop’s opening Dec. 16.

Not only does the Mill serve traditional and exotic-flavored specialty coffees such as Sumatran Mandheling and French Zimbabwe, but cold drinks, smoothies, and food are served as well.