Clermont ranks sixth for drunk driving arrests

Clermont County ranks sixth in the state of Ohio for drinking and driving arrests.

During the 23-month period from January 2005 – November 2006, the Ohio State Highway Patrol and Sheriff’s office issued citations to and arrested 615 people for operating a vehicle while impaired in the county.

According to a Ohio State Highway Patrol report released Dec. 27, the three counties that rank among the state’s worst for DUI are local counties. Franklin, with a total of more than 800 people arrested (the most in the state), Clermont (615), and Butler (569).

“Drunk driving remains a serious problem in the state,” said Ohio State Highway Patrol Lieutenant Paul Hermes. “Although we had a very safe holiday season (nobody was killed in an Ohio alcohol-related crash this year), the suburban counties in the greater Cincinnati area still rank among the worst for this problem.”

The police are aware that drinking and driving is a persistent problem, one that they are more than willing to keep fighting, Hermes said.