Remember food safety after your holiday meal

It may be one of the most treasured traditions of the holidays. After the big family meal is finished, holiday celebrants can be seen making little trips back to the dinner table for hours to get a little nibble of this or that, but all too often, unwanted guests on the food have been all too happy to make their presence known in uncomfortable ways.

Rob Perry, Clermont County Director of Environmental Health, said that leaving the holiday ham or turkey out can lead to big problems for some snackers.

“The greatest issue would be holding the temperature of food,” said Perry. “People have these big turkey dinners and end up leaving them out on the table for hours and people come by and pick off the turkey and get another little helping of dressing. That’s the single greatest risk to a family of food-born illness. As a kid, that’s exactly what we would do; have a big dinner and let it set on the table all day. Knowing what we know now, that was not the best thing to do. You can’t hold food out at room temperature for too long.”