Groups asks Bethel to retain ownership of cabins

Officially, progress is still in state of stalemate concerning two historical log cabins located in Bethel’s Burke Park.

Deteriorating and potentially dangerous due to their condition, the cabins had been earmarked for sale to an out-of-state buyer who planned to remove them and rebuild them in a different location, but an effort from local history enthusiasts halted that. However, no definite plans have been made as to the ultimate fate of the cabins.

A large delegation of members from that committee, the Burke Park Log Cabin Committee, which formed in October to find a way to keep the cabins local, were present to show their support for the planned update to council concerning the cabins.

“We appreciate the time you gave us to look into the condition of the cabins and the restoration possibilities of the cabins,” said cabin committee chairman Ron Shouse. “There has been a deep concern by the residents of the village, township and county about the removal of these cabins from Burke Park. I’m asking you to focus tonight on the hard work these people have done and realize with the cooperation of council how far we can take this project that will benefit the citizens of this town and county wide.”