Shooting of area woman remains unsolved

Mystery still surrounds the shooting of a Tate Township woman who was injured last week.

On Nov. 30, an emergency call was made concerning a 21-year-old woman, Crystal Bauer, who was reportedly shot and at home alone with her two children. However, clues and statements in the investigation have thus far led investigators in circles.

“Our investigative staff has been working diligently on this case and has been examining the evidence as well as statements received from the victim and others involving the shooting,” said Sheriff Tim Rodenberg. “Without going into any details at this point of time given the fact that the investigation is still in progress, there are some questions and confusion about the victim’s initial report as to what happened to her.”

Last week, when the shooting was reported, the sheriff gave initial accounts of what was known at the time. Other than location and injury, little was present to guide the investigation, except for the presence of a handgun that may have been involved.