Ohio bill designed to prevent tragedies with foster children

While an Ohio Senate bill passed earlier this year failed to stop the death of foster child Marcus Fiesel, measures within it are hoped to prevent further incidents involving the harm of foster children, and new discussions prompted from Fiesel’s death are hoped to close any gaps left by the current legislation.

“When senate bill 238 was initially introduced, it was primarily a technical bill that dealt with the state automated child welfare information system called ‘SACWIS,'” said Ohio State Senator Tom Niehaus. “The important thing about that legislation is it improves communication between the various agencies involved with adoption and foster care.”

According to Niehaus, senate bill 238 was conceived long before Fiesel’s death, but was actually enacted after his death. To this day, it is unknown just how the bill would have changed the outcome.

“This was passed earlier this year, I believe in May, and went into effect in September,” said Niehaus. “This was worked on long before Marcus Fiesel’s death. It’s still unclear if the provisions in 238 would have prevented that, but the improved communications certainly would have helped.”