Miami Township to get outdoor amphitheater

Miami Township residents may soon enjoy an improved atmosphere for outdoor music performances.

Recent moves made by the township administration have started a process to build a new outdoor amphitheater in Community Park that will add a beautiful new amenity for township residents.

“We’ve been talking about building an amphitheater at Community Park for years,” said township administrator David Duckworth. “It’s one of those matters where we’ve never had the funds to do it. We received some state funding to the tune of $50,000 to apply towards an amphitheater. That’s what got the ball rolling.”

When constructed, the new facility would be able to accommodate various outdoor performances, such as the annual performance by the Clermont Philharmonic. In addition, it could help expand programs such as that, bringing additional live music events to the township, or, when no music is available, quite possibly serve as a very classy picnic shelter.