Clermont County to begin accepting CHIP grant applications

Clermont County will begin accepting applications for Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) grants starting Dec. 15.

Started in 2004, the two-year, first come-first serve, $563,000 CHIP grant program will assist and benefit homeowners in making private rehabilitation, help homeowners with home repairs, and provide down payment assistance towards a safe, decent, and affordable home purchase for potential homeowners.

“The CHIP grant money comes from three different sources and can do three different things,” said community planning and development director Mary Werner. “Contributing are two H.U.D. sources and and a home rehabilitation development grant. Residents can apply for home repair, home rehab, or down-payment assistance towards the purchase of a new home.”

The $8,000 home repair grant can be spent on two items such as the furnace or the roof; home rehab is different in that up to $30,000 can be spent.