Birthday celebrated at Milford High

If you were to stop anyone in the halls at Milford High School and ask them about William Dedman, well, they’d probably look at you funny and say “who?” But, if you asked them about Red, well, you’d better be prepared to sit back and listen for awhile.

Red, sometimes known as William Dedman, is a janitor at Milford High School, but also far more, according to the staff and students there. And Monday, Dec. 4, Red found out just how much more he is to the staff and students when he arrived for work on what just happened to be his 70th birthday.

“This is unreal,” said Red. “Thanks.”

Things definitely didn’t begin as usual for Red on his 70th birthday. Upon arriving at the school to open up and turn on the lights at 6 a.m., Red stumbled into a big sign wishing him a happy birthday. Puzzled, Red went about his business, but found another sign. And another. And another.