Plan made for nearby Ivy Pointe companion

The Union Township Board of Trustees discussed a few zoning issues at its Nov. 14 meeting, including a proposed amendment to their zoning text and a related development to the Ivy Pointe commerce park.

The text amendment would give the township an easier and quicker method of dealing with zoning issues surrounding R3 and R4 residential zoning issues.

“At present, there is no amendment procedure rather than to enter into the entire three month long process,” said Zoning Director Cory Wright. “We have chosen to model this after our highly successful planned development regulations that allow for certain changes to be reviewed by the board of trustees.”

The trustees gave the nod for that process to begin, and also approved a rough plan for property located just south of the township civic center on Aicholtz Road. The planned development district would serve as a companion development to Ivy Pointe, and would go by the name of Ivy Circle, in part because of an innovative “calming circle” traffic feature at the entrance to the development.

Angelo Santoro, and engineer representing developer Cincinnati United Contractors, explained some of the concept plan’s features to the trustees.

“This is a concept plan depicting various uses,” said Santoro. “All of these uses are subject to people and uses coming at a later date. We can do some adjustment to make the project work in the final design.”

In all, the development would include offices, retail, food and gas and convenience stores, and would, in part, support and serve the nearby Ivy Pointe commerce park. The current plan would use just over 5 acres of the property.

Also, the trustees voted to update the township fire code to match the state code, which is also a goal across the county with other fire departments, said Fire Chief Stan Deimling.

“It’s been several years since we’ve adopted any changes or updates to the fire code,” said Chief Deimling. “This resolution is a county-wide initiative to have all jurisdictions in the county adopt the latest edition of the Ohio Fire Code. The same code would be in effect across the county, and be consistent with a recommendation of our accreditation process.”

The trustees also learned that seven design build concept plans were submitted for the new fire house, which will be located on Bach-Buxton Road. Once the plans are evaluated, Union Township Administrator Doug Walker said that the recommended plans will be presented sometime later this month. Walker also said that the township will be unable to help a resident who asked for a ban on firearm discharge within the township during the October meeting.

“We did investigate, and that statute is set by state law,” said Walker. “It allows individuals to discharge a firearm on their property, and we cannot supersede that state law. There is no authority given to a township to make such a regulation.”

The trustees also agreed to look into a request by local residents and veteran’s groups to place a Korean War monument in Veteran’s Park. Frank Morrow, of the veteran’s service office, described the bronze statue to the trustees.

“We have an idea for a Korean War memorial,” said Marrow. “The total US casualties were 36,516 during the three years of the war. We had 103,284 wounded, and 664 are still missing in action. Approximately 20 veterans from Clermont County were killed in action in the Korean War. Our intention is to present a memorial for their brave sacrifices. We would ask that the statue be placed in an area of prominence in the Union Township Veterans’ Memorial Park.”

The statue would be a replica of “statue 12” in the National Korean War memorial in Washington D.C. It would include a plaque memorializing the county’s Korean War casualties, and is hoped to be in place by Veteran’s Day in 2008. However, more than $100,000 will be needed to complete the project.

A dinner and auction, memorial brick sale and mass mailing campaign are planned to help raise the funds.