Milford hires new assistant city manager

The city of Milford recently announced the hiring of a new assistant city manager to replace Jeff Wright, who left the position in July.

Pamela Holbrook, an Indianapolis native, will be joining the city Nov. 27 and comes from a similar position in Huntersville, North Carolina.

Loretta Rokey, the Milford City Manager, said that Holbrook will be responsible for a number of important functions within the city, as well as assisting when needed.

“One of the primary duties will be the planning and zoning for the city of Milford,” said Rokey. “She will also be a liaison to the parks and recreation commission as well. She’ll also be a backup to me if I’m ever unable to fulfill my duties, such as if I’d go on vacation. Also, beyond that, she would handle any special projects.”

Special projects could include a number of things, such as large construction and improvement activities within the city.

“For instance, if we do storm water utility improvements, the assistant manager will be assigned projects related to any new initiatives and any major ongoing projects that are needing staff leadership,” Rokey said.

Rokey, who served as the first assistant city manager over a decade ago, said that Holbrook was a standout for the position, in part due to her experience in Huntersville. The vast amount of growth in that area was responsible for keeping Holbrook busy for some time.

“She has a breadth of experience,” said Rokey. “It’s not only in planning, but in having a good business background as well. She is coming from a much larger community that’s experienced a lot of growth. It had a population of 3,000 in 1990 and is over 30,000 today. She’ll bring a really new perspective.”

Holbrook is US Navy veteran. She graduated from Indiana University – Purdue, and is a certified planner. Rokey said that she is looking forward to the fresh perspective, and help, in the city.

“I’m really looking forward to being full staffed,” said Rokey.