Union Township Police look for man with crossbow

A man is being sought by Union Township police in the hopes that he can shed light on a theft that occurred on Oct. 12 at Wal-Mart in the Eastgate area. The man, shown wheeling a cart containing a crossbow from the store, is a person of interest in the case, which involves a stolen crossbow.

“There was a crossbow theft that occurred that day,” said Detective Jeff Brown of the Union Township Police Department. “It qualifies as a fourth degree felony because it was a weapon that was stolen.”

According to Detective Brown, the man is not a suspect, but is wanted for questioning in the hopes of narrowing the search or breaking the case. The man was caught on tape exiting the store with a crossbow.

Some days later, said Detective Brown, the store inventory indicated that a crossbow was missing and presumed stolen. After reviewing the tape, the man was seen in proximity with a crossbow matching that description.

“This man is strictly a person of interest at this point,” said Detective Brown. “We need to determine who he is so I can further investigate this case.”

Police are seeking any information on the man, who allegedly reentered the store after wheeling the crossbow to his car. Stationary cameras located in the store caught the man intermittently, both in and leaving the store and in the parking lot. Detective Brown said that he is aware of footage showing the man preparing to reenter the store, but has not yet received all of the video footage from Wal-Mart.

“When they found out they had a theft, they went through their tape and found this guy pushing a box out,” said Detective Brown. “When they went back into their archives and looked at their tapes, they found him walking and getting into a car. They stopped the recording they gave me at that point, but there is still more footage available at Wal-Mart.”

Anyone with more information on the case are encouraged to call (513) 753-2218 to help in the investigation.