Off duty deputy detains two men after being assaulted

Clermont Count Sheriff Tim Rodenberg is commending the professionalism and restraint of an off-duty deputy after he was assaulted but able to detain his assailants involved until help could arrive.

According to the sheriff’s office, Deputy William Crouch was driving his private vehicle on state Route 125 near the Apple Creek Mobile Home Park while off duty Nov. 3. As he was driving, he encountered a vehicle which pulled out in front of him. He recognized the vehicle as one he had stopped to serve a traffic violation citation to while on duty.

Three men were in the vehicle and, according to the report, the man driving was the one who was driving at the time of the earlier traffic violation.

The two vehicles stopped side-by-side at a traffic light near the Wal-Mart on state Route 125, at which time one of the individuals inside allegedly threw a soft drink can from the window at the deputy, striking him in the face.

The driver of the vehicle then attempted to elude Deputy Crouch, as he followed it while dialing 911 on his cell phone.

According to the report from the sheriff’s office, the vehicle eventually pulled over at a Speedway on state Route 125 in Amelia, where Deputy Crouch followed and ordered them to remain until on-duty deputies could arrive.

The driver of the vehicle, Derek Buehler, was arrested on an open warrant. Fredrick Chisenhall, 21, of Batavia, was arrested for throwing the soda can at the deputy. He was charged with a minor misdemeanor of littering and assault, a misdemeanor of the first degree.

At the time of his arrest, Chisenhall was also questioned about possessing drugs or weapons, to which the press release said he responded negatively, but was later found in a booking search to be in possession of a small amount a marijuana, which was located in his coat.

Chisenhall was then charged with illegal conveyance of contraband into a detention facility, a felony of the third degree.