Union Township clerk to retire

The Union Township Board of Trustees reluctantly acknowledged a changing of the guard Oct. 10 when longtime clerk/fiscal officer Rozanne Evans officially announced her retirement.

Shortly after the meeting began, Evans read from a statement to the board and public attending the meeting, describing her tenure with the township, the growth and challenges that accompanied it, and the need to pass the work on to someone with more energy to spare.

“As you well know, my last day as Union Township Fiscal Officer will be Oct. 31,” said Evans. “I was appointed clerk in January of 1982. I have worked with 16 different trustees, and a few of them twice. We appropriated $2.8 million that year and had 35 employees. In 2006, we appropriated $39 million and have 178 employees. The work and responsibility this growth has generated is tremendous. I’ve worked this position as my career for five years, and I want to thank this and previous boards, the administrators and employees for their support during this 25 years. It has been a privilege to work with all of you. I also want to thank the residents for your support during my tenure. Thank you.”

The announcement came about two weeks after Evans’ upcoming retirement became known. Evans had been absent from township meetings recently, and the trustees began to search for a replacement for the longtime and treasured chief financial officer. Board of trustees president Bob McGee announced a proclamation for Evans dedicating her retirement day in her honor.

“I have a proclamation honoring clerk and fiscal officer Rozanne Evans,” said McGee. “On behalf of the residents of Union Township…we honor Rozanne Evans. She has faithfully served as clerk and fiscal officer of our community. Mrs. Evans holds the distinction of managing the largest township or municipal budget in Clermont County, and one of the largest budgets in the state of Ohio. Union Township enjoys an economic vitality greater than any in the county. Union Township currently holds the highest Moody’s financial ratings of any township in the state of Ohio. Clearly, Rozanne Evans has demonstrated that she is one of the best administration and fiscal managers in the state of Ohio. We hereby proclaim Oct. 31 as Rozanne Evans day to honor her commitment to excellence in Union Township.”

The night before, the trustees interviewed several candidates for the position of clerk/financial officer, and made their choice for the official known during the meeting. Ron Campbell will be starting as Union Township Fiscal Officer on Nov. 1.

“I would like to thank the trustees for allowing me the opportunity to replace such a qualified person,” said Campbell. “I’ll give it 100 percent, I’ll do the best job I possibly can.”

McGee told Campbell that, for lack of a more apt comparison, he had some “large shoes to fill.” Evans said they were only six-and-a-half’s. The transition was made official with the acceptance of Evans’ resignation.

“We wish you well on the road to your retirement, and we reluctantly accept your retirement,” said McGee.