UC Clermont Collge campus completes new flag display

The University of Cincinnati Clermont College dedicated its new flag plaza Oct. 4.

“The flag plaza will be the new centerpiece for the campus,” said Dean David Devier. “This will be a wonderful new addition and we are very, very happy to have it.”

The new flag plaza is located at the front entrance of the campus and now includes the U.S. flag, the Ohio state flag, and the U.C. flag.

For its first 21 years, Clermont College only had one building. During those early years, the sole campus flagpole faced State Route 32 and Batavia on the back side of that one building.

“There is still a flagpole located on what is now the back of the campus,” said Devier. “But the outgrowth of forest has obscured the view.”

Since the campus has grown and matured over its history, with the completion of many new additions in recent years, including a new green-space courtyard and a new student commons, Devier and the college administrators felt that the time was right to take it upon themselves to include a flag plaza in what is now known as the front of campus.

“The new plaza will be the first thing that students, staff, and visitors will see,” said Public Relations Director Mae Hanna. “We now have a flag plaza at the front of the campus, so today is a celebration.”

The celebration and ceremony, which was attended by approximately 75 people, included the plaza dedication by Devier and the raising of the three flags by the University of Cincinnati’s Army ROTC Color Guard, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Timothy W. Bush and Master Sergeant Donald Strange.

The West Clermont Institute of Performing Arts concert choir, under the direction of Jeffrey Riel, sang the national anthem. The choir was accompanied by music provided by the West Clermont Marching Band Battery, under the direction of Jim Pease and Sean Kelley.

There was also a flyover by the UC Clermont Precision Flight Team at the dedication ceremony’s conclusion.

“We would like to thank the Banta Electric Corporation for doing some of the contract work for the new plaza,” said a grateful Devier. “They did the lighting on the flagpoles and they donated the landscaping (the plaza is brick-paved and surrounded by flowers, grass, and small shrubs). They volunteered their time and services, and it was a very significant contribution. We appreciate it.”