Health district health hotline opens

The Clermont County Health District can help residents who are trying to find out when flu shots are available or if there is a public health situation that could impact their families.

The Clermont County General Health District has a telephone hotline number residents can call to obtain the latest information. The number is (513) 588-5121. The hotline can handle up to 120 calls simultaneously and will be updated anytime new information becomes available.

“Because there are restrictions on flu shot availability and locations are announced on short notice, the hotline enables the health district to update citizens in a timely manner,” said Clermont County Health Commissioner Marty Lambert. “Our goal is for citizens to keep the number in a handy location and use it when flu season or other health situations occur.”

The flu season generally runs from November through March and can impact up to 20 percent of the population in this country, Lambert said. More than 200,000 people are hospitalized with flu complications and the ailment claims 36,000 lives every year.

Those most at risk are older people, young children, and those with certain health conditions.

“With flu vaccines in heavy demand and short supply in the past, we have had to cancel shot clinics with very little notice. By calling the hotline before heading to the clinic location, citizens can avoid possibly making an unnecessary trip,” Lambert said.

For additional information on any health issue, visit the Clermont County General Health District website at