‘Police and Firefighter Day’ set

The West Clermont Board of Education has directed that Sept. 11 be officially recognized as “Police and Firefighter Day” in the school district.

Representatives from the Pierce and Union Township fire and police departments, the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, and the Central Joint Fire and EMS departments were in attendance for the ceremony at the board’s Sept. 11 meeting.

“This is a proclamation of recognition, remembrance, and commemoration,” said West Clermont Superintendent Gary Brooks. “The West Clermont school district remembers those 3,031 people who lost their lives on Sept. 11. We also honor those men and women who keep our communities and our students safe, especially those gathered here tonight. This is our way to say thank you to all those people who work so hard every day providing us with a safe community to live in and a safe school district to work in.”

The proclamation, along with a plaque and the thanks of the board, was presented to the assembled West Clermont school district fire, police, and EMS personnel.

“In honor of the five year anniversary of 9/11, we wanted to thank our first responders for all that they do to ensure the safety of the more than 9,200 students that we have in the school district,” said board president JoAnn Beamer. “They are all superior individuals.”

After the reading of the proclamation and the recognition ceremony, the board addressed other business.

The board is considering a policy that will adopt a student acceleration policy for advanced learners. Under the House of Representatives Bill 66, Ohio school districts are now required to adopt a policy of advanced learning. The Ohio School Board Association provides the issues to be addressed in the new policy; they include early entrance into kindergarten, course level acceleration, grade level acceleration (skipping a grade), and early high school graduation.

“It is the policy of this school district to advance those students whose levels of proficiency exceed their grade or course level,” said Brooks. “If appropriate, they deserve every opportunity to take advantage of this policy.”

The West Clermont School of Scientific Studies will be taking two field trips this year. Students will travel to the Cincinnati Nature Center to observe the behavior of turtles over a 24-hour period Sept. 29-30. Students will also travel to the Great Smoky Mountains throughout the school year to conduct and design experiments in the Park.

The Withamsville-Tobasco Elementary fifth-graders will travel to Woodland Alters in Peebles to participate in classes regarding habitat investigation, the Serpent Mound, and the Underground Railroad Oct. 24-25.