Fund-raiser planned for Felicity man

The many friends of a Felicity man are hoping to provide a little joy and help into the life of the family that has seen a lot of hardship lately.

Garvey Kaylor, 53, has been fighting cancer for nearly a year, and that struggle has inspired his friends to organize a benefit to help him and his family deal with medical bills.

“Garvey was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 and has been off work since then,” said friend Angie Utter. “He has esophagus cancer and had to have a tube inserted into his stomach for feeding. He goes for chemotherapy treatment, but now the cancer has spread to his stomach, chest and lymph nodes.”

According to a press release from Utter, Kaylor was diagnosed with esophagus cancer in December last year, and began an extensive chemotherapy treatment at that time. Then, in January of this year, Kaylor was diagnosed with three cancerous lesions on his brain.

After surgery, Kaylor improved and managed to work 12 days before being rushed to the emergency room. He was then diagnosed with cancer in his lymph nodes, neck, chest, around his esophagus and his stomach.

He is back on chemotherapy treatments at this time.

Utter said that the impact of his illness has been, among other things, devastating financially. However, she said that the family has maintained a positive attitude throughout.

“He’s been off work, obviously, and their medical bills are coming in,” said Utter. “The insurance has topped out, and one of the bills is for $18,000, which they have to pay. His wife isn’t working because she has to stay at home and take care of him. They need that money for the medical bills and everyday living too.”

To help Kaylor and his wife and three sons, Utter said that she decided to help organize a benefit, which is scheduled for Sept. 23 at noon at the Triple 2 Arena on state Route 222 in Bethel.

“With him being off work and his medical bills piling up, everyone wanted to get together and help them,” said Utter. “The benefit is a whole day of events, we’ve had lots of interest. A lot of companies and people have stepped up and given us a lot of different donations. We still need things for the live auction.”

The benefit will feature live music and a B105.1 remote, as well as a horseshoe tournament, a car show, cornhole tournament, bingo, carnival games, pony rides, auctions and a sweet shop.

For more information, go online at or call Utter at (513) 876-9312 or Tara Buchanan at (513) 876-2246.