Carrolls to be charged with murder, assault

Clermont County prosecutors have announced that the county will pursue murder charges against David and Liz Carroll for the death of their developmentally disabled foster child Marcus Fiesel.

A Clermont County grand jury has handed down the following indictments after convening for more than 60 minutes on the morning of Sept. 6.

Both Liz and David Carroll have been indicted on one count of murder, one count of involuntary manslaughter, one count of kidnapping, one count of felonious assault, and three counts of endangering children. David Carroll has also been indicted on one count of gross abuse of a corpse.

“We will try the Carrolls separately. If convicted, we are looking at a minimum sentence of twenty-five years to life for each count,” said Clermont County Prosecutor Donald White at a news conference Sep 6.

According to White, the sensational publicity surrounding the Fiesel case will make it tough to select a fair and impartial jury.

“We want to try this case in Clermont County,” he said. “There has been enough media spotlight on this case, so we will not have any further press conferences or public forums on the case. All further information will come out in official press releases.”

The relentless press coverage has revealed the following:

On or about Aug. 4, foster parents Liz and David Carroll restrained and locked three year old Marcus in a closet located in their rented Union Township home from Friday night until Sunday morning while they attended a family event in Kentucky.

Finding Marcus dead upon their return (it is believed he died of heat stroke), David Carroll incinerated the body in the chimney of a burned-out home in rural Brown County. He then allegedly bagged up the remains and dumped them into the Ohio River.

It was after Liz Carroll claimed to have fainted in an Anderson Township park that she told authorities Marcus went missing; a massive and futile search ensued.

On Aug. 29, A Hamilton County Grand Jury indicted David and Liz Carroll with involuntary manslaughter, two charges of child endangering, two charges of inducing panic, and making false alarms. David Carroll was also charged with gross abuse of a corpse.

In addition, Liz Carroll was indicted on two charges of perjury.

They have both pleaded not guilty to all charges. It is likely that Clermont County will receive the same not guilty response in a Clermont County court.

Liz and David Carroll, who are currently incarcerated in the Hamilton County Justice Center, will be transferred to Clermont County to be arraigned Sept. 7. During the arraignment, Deputy Prosecutor Woody Breyer announced that he will seek a $10 million bond for each defendant.

He also said that there is no word on whether or not Hamilton County will pursue or drop any of the similar charges in their indictment.