Rumpke to make collection change

Rumpke has made plans to automate the Amelia village trash program.

It was announced in council chambers at the Aug. 21 meeting that Rumpke will be giving every Amelia resident a new 96 gallon trash can as part of the new system that will make garbage pick-up easier and more cost effective.

Rumpke has new trucks equipped with hydraulic arms that will lift and dump the trash cans, saving the drivers from having to dump the cans by hand.

“There will be no extra cost to the Village,” said Amelia mayor Mark Menz. “Rumpke is trying to save money on their labor cost and the program is entirely optional for our residents.”

In the next couple of weeks, Rumpke will be notifying the Amelia residents of Quail Creek and Sedona Ridge (about 900 residents) by letter of the new pilot program and delivering the new trash cans to each residence. Other residents will have the option of coming on board with the new program in the future.

Mayor Menz said that residents will not be required to utilize the program.

“The trash will still get picked up whether you participate in the new trash program or not,” he said. “Although it will be a convenience for the village residents, the only thing that will change for those residents not participating is that all garbage must be in bags, not their existing cans.”

The village recycling programs will not change.

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