Two juveniles arrested for Owensville burglaries

Two 16-year-old juveniles have been arrested and charged with the Aug. 10 vehicle burglaries in Owensville.

“We started the investigation with just one lead, one name,” said Police Chief Paul Sturgill in Owensville police headquarters Aug. 17. “That one name lead us to both juvenile offenders. One of them gave us a full confession of the crime. We are hoping that the second one will also confess. At the present time, we are still seeking a third juvenile suspect for questioning.”

In the early morning hours of Aug. 10, the two or three juveniles dressed in black went on what Owensville police have described as a snatch and grab operation. They entered unlocked vehicles and stole whatever they found inside. Among the many items stolen were stereos, cameras, cell phones, CB radios, and cash.

“We have recovered many items that were reported stolen, and many items that were not,” said Sturgill. “The juvenile offenders were looking for anything that they could sell. We would like to encourage residents to call our offices if anything went missing last week. We have recovered evidence here that no one has yet reported stolen.”

According to Sturgill, the robberies were not just restricted to Owensville and outlying areas as was originally thought.

“We have found out that this was a county-wide theft operation,” he said. “We are working closely and talking with other police departments (Union Township, Goshen, Miami Township) and sharing leads in order to recover as many of the stolen items as possible.”

Sturgill said that the department will exhaust all sources and use every resource at their command to retrieve stolen items.

“We are well aware that the good citizens of the county are upset about these thefts and the victims would like their property back. I want to assure everyone that we are still on the case. The recovered items will return to their rightful owner as soon as possible.”