‘Burg football legend now coaching at arch-rival

Williamsburg and Clermont County football legend Ken Osborne will be back on the sidelines of the gridiron again, but for the first time at Batavia.

After more than 30 years serving as the head coach at Williamsburg High School, Osborne’s new coaching position at Batavia has got to be painful for many ‘Burg pigskin fans, especially his former players. Imagine, “Coach” is now at the arch rival!

“I’ve got mixed emotions about this. I spent nearly 40 years in one school district teaching, coaching, and living. But I’ve lived in Batavia for five years and I’ve kind of adjusted to the Bulldogs. I was a Bulldog myself in high school,” said the 70-year old Osborne who graduated in the class of 1954 with many other Louisa (Ky.) Bulldogs. “I still have a desire to coach football and this is a wonderful opportunity I’ve got at Batavia.”

Osborne will be quarterback coach and offensive coordinator for the Bulldogs who enjoy the oldest rivalry in Clermont County history with Williamsburg, not just in sports, but politics, business, industry, others. Most county sports fans are aware Amelia and Glen Este high schools compete in the largest rivalry, number-wise, that began in 1963, but the Williamsburg-Batavia rivalry goes back to the early 1800s.

“I’m looking forward to this opportunity; I’m excited about it,” said Osborne, who was a member of the first induction class of the Clermont County Sports Hall of Fame in 1994.

The biggest fan for Osborne the last 51 years has been his wife, Sidney. Right next to her are their daughters Kim and Ashly who were Wildcat cheerleaders and now residents of Batavia.

“They’re as excited as I am because I’m back in coaching,” said the family patriarch. “Williamsburg school, community, and sports will always be in my heart. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d coach at Batavia