2006 SBC spring sports all-star teams announced

The spring sports all-stars of the Southern Buckeye Conference have been selected by the league’s head coaches. Following are the Clermont County members of those stellar squads.


American Division

First team: Mike Pangallo (12) of Bethel-Tate; Jesse Meadors (12), Michael Jefferson (11), and Trace Voshell (11) of Clermont Northeastern; Gary Stamper (12) of Goshen; and Eric McMonigle (12), Brian Weber (12), and Jeff Case (11) of New Richmond.

Second team: Jake Miller (12) and Justin Marshall (11) of Bethel-Tate; Ryan Whitecotton (12) and Justin Houk (11) of Clermont Northeastern; Josh Clock (12) and Kyle Daulton (10) of Goshen; and Ryan Piper (12) of New Richmond.

Player of the Year: Voshell. Coach of the Year: Brian Benzinger of New Richmond.

Final league standings (overall records): New Richmond 10-3 (11-7), Clermont Northeastern 8-5 (11-10), Western Brown 8-5 (11-9), Bethel-Tate 7-6 (13-8), and Goshen 4-8 (9-11).

National Division

First team: Jake Santel (12), Chris Heckle (12), Brandon Randolph (11), and Kris Hecktor (9) of Batavia and John Pope (11) and Ryan Penny (10) of Williamsburg.

Second team: Ryan Beard (10) and J. D. Little (9) of Batavia and Brian Bastin (12) and Brandon Ballhaus (11) of Williamsburg.

Player of the Year: Randolph. Coach of the Year: Brian Lyons of Batavia.

Final league standings: Batavia 11-2 (14-3), Blanchester 7-6 (10-13), East Clinton 5-8 (6-12), Williamsburg 4-9 (10-11), and Georgetown 0-12 (2-18). Felicity played just one game for the season and was 0-1.


American Division

First team: Whitney Coburn (12) and Rebecca Morrow (12) of Bethel-Tate; Erin Connor (11), Kara Johnson (11), and Haley Shinkle (11) of Clermont Northeastern; Amanda Smith (12) of Goshen; and Kellie Durbin (11), Kelsey Cornett (9), and Michelle Sweet (9) of New Richmond.

Second team: Staci Hazenfield (12) and Sheena Stayden (11) of Bethel-Tate, Katie Nash (12) and Casey Waldman (12) of Clermont Northeastern, Jessica McFarland (11) of Goshen, and Heather Todd (11) and Molly Gross (9) of New Richmond.

Player of the Year: Connor. Coach of the Year: Jim Ferris of New Richmond.

Final league standings: Clermont Northeastern 12-2 (14-5), New Richmond 12-2 (17-7), Western Brown 9-5 (21-8), Bethel-Tate 4-10 (5-11), and Goshen 3-10 (7-14).

National Division

First team: Kristin Greer (12), Amber Gregory (12), and Jamie Bare (10) of Batavia and Lindsey Barger (11) and Samantha Ladenburger (11) of Felicity.

Second team: Erin Shinkle (12) and Morgan Miller (10) of Batavia; Kelli Emmons (12), Tiffany Wise (12), and Falisha McCann (10) of Felicity; and Kayla Smith (12) of Williamsburg.

Player of the Year: Gregory. Co-coach of the Year: Terry Sheehan of Batavia.

Final league standings: Blanchester 12-3 (21-6), Batavia 11-4 (15-7), Felicity 8-7 (11-10), East Clinton 5-10 (4-11), Williamsburg 3-12 (6-13), and Georgetown 0-14 (1-17).

Boys Track

American Division

First team: Chris Cunningham (12) of Clermont Northeastern; Matt Koch (12), Mike Rossman (12), Logan Singleton (12), Robert Romeo (11), Josh Shouse (11), Tyler Byrge (10), and Jordan Poff (9) of Goshen; and Eric Finan, Andre Higgins, Tyler Hughes, Rickey Schafer, Andrew Ewald, Devin Ruck, Josh Gray, and Steve Gantzer of New Richmond.

Second team: Kyle Roberts of Bethel-Tate; Ryan Giltz (11) and William Tedrick (11) of Goshen; Sean Grever, Ben Werle, David Sheldon, Ross Holman, and Brian Dowd of New Richmond.

Player of the Year: Finan. Coach of the Year: Gary Rutter of Goshen.

National Division

First team: Josh Ison (11) and Andrew Avery (10) of Batavia; Billie Elkins (12), Alex Jarman (11), Andrew Gabelman (10), and Justin Keltch (9) of Felicity, and Dusean Shelton (10) and Jerrad Turner (10) of Williamsburg.

Second team: Jordan Larrison, Rick Bradburn, Caleb Corrill, Jeff Weaver, Tyler Duncanson, and Jacob Bradburn of Batavia; Mark Miller (12) of Felicity; and Cody Watson (10) of Williamsburg.

Girls Track

American Division

First team: Emily Tyler (10) of Bethel-Tate; Jackie McAninch (12), Leah Wiley (12), Samantha Musgrove (11), Stacie Hicks (10), Kim Steele (10), and Desiree Chandler (9) of Goshen; and Tasha Hinkston, Alana Kennedy, Jordan Yeardley, Blair Bowman of New Richmond.

Second team: Tarah Cole (10), Erinn Ballein, Brittany Brannock, and Vanessa Proffitt (11) of Bethel-Tate; Shelly Popp (12), Katelyn Stephens (11), and Kelsey Gaffney (9) of Goshen; and Erin Dean, Kristin Mikula, and Jessie Bernard of New Richmond.

Co-runners of the Year: Hicks and Hinkston. Coach of the Year: Rutter.

National Division

First team: Crystin Sammons of Batavia; Judy Bataille (12), Cayla Stutz (11), Elizabeth Little (10), and Marisa Stutz (9) of Felicity; and Molly McCullough (10) of Williamsburg.

Second team: Cassie Faris and Lora Faris of Batavia and Samantha Morehouse (9) and Lindsey Scheidler (9) of Felicity.

Runner of the Year: Bataille.


American Division

First team: Kyle Vallejo (12) of Bethel-Tate; Ronnie Johangtes (12), Craig Havens (12), and Brandon Walker (12) of Clermont Northeastern; and Bryan Leffler (12), Bill Loyd (11), and Greg Mott (11) of New Richmond.

Second team: Thomas McKeehan (11) of Clermont Northeastern, Mark Halvorsen (11) of Goshen, and Matt Erland (12) of New Richmond.

Player of the Year: Johangtes. Co-coaches of the Year: Todd Wells of New Richmond and Mike Germann of Clermont Northeastern.

Final league standings: New Richmond 11-1 (12-4), Clermont Northeastern 10-2 (10-2), Bethel-Tate 6-6 (9-7), Goshen 4-8 (4-8), and Western Brown 2-10 (3-14).

National Division

First team: Jason Strine (11), Aaron Howell (11), and Chase Miller (10) of Batavia and Chad Estep (12) of Felicity.

Second team: Andrew Gabelman (10) of Felicity.

Co-coach of the Year: Jon Nau of Batavia.

Final league standings: Batavia 9-2 (11-4), Blanchester 7-4 (12-5), East Clinton 2-9 (3-13), and Felicity 0-11 (0-11).