102 Clermonters play senior softball

The Men’s 65-over Softball League has recently wrapped things up.

President Ron Ward of Amelia reported that 102 men competed in this league that began in 2003. The average age of the combatants was 70 years of age with the oldest player being 84 years of age. The league took place at the Anderson Township fields near Newtown.

“Everyone seems to enjoy playing in this league. Some have never played softball before,” said Ward. “They like this league because there is balance. The players are drafted and the competitive level is not so intense that they are worried about getting hurt or making mistakes. They are here to have fun and to play a sport.”

Following are the Clermont Countians who competed in the league.

From Amelia: Leslie Bowling, Bill McOwen, and Ward.

From Batavia: Dave Ballinger, Ken Beckel, Jim Cook, Paul Fullner, Don Gatch, Ron Marion, Dick Roat, Morris Shepherd, and Warren Wolfengel.

From Goshen: Harold Blinkhorn and Ken Miller.

From Milford: Roy Blackburn, Norman Crowe, Glenn Gunter, Bob Holbert, Ed Hornberger, Tom Leiser, Hank Meiners, Ray Niemann, and Bob Osborne.

From Williams Corner: Jim Reed.

From Pierce and Union townships: Gene Adams, Mike Anderson, Don Berger, Roger Carter, Ron Clark, Gene Doll, Al Fleckinger, Paul Hamilton, Bill Hanks, Tom Kiefer, Bob Kuebler, Herb MacVittie, Charles Moreton, Mike Pomerantz, Joe Redmond, Ray Ressa, Dick Ring, Tom Rollins, George Roush, Bill Stropes, Ron Ware, Jim Wheeldon, and Joe Wilmers.