New barbershop opens in New Richmond

The new Riverview Barbershop has opened its doors for business on Front Street in New Richmond.

“Riverview Barbershop is the first new venture under the ‘new’ New Richmond economic development initiative,” said owner and master barber Douglas Hammack. “We are the first heartbeat of the new heart in historic downtown New Richmond. We are looking forward to providing not only service to the local community, but hopefully draw in some folks from outside the village.”

Riverview Barber, which specializes in all hair types and styles, is a traditional full service barbershop.

“We are keeping the tradition of a late 1920’s/early 1930’s full service barber shop alive by offering men hot steam towel facials, straight razor shaves, and, of course, haircutting,” said Hammack. “This location has been a barber shop for the last 110 years and it will once again provide a place for the guys to come out and experience something that has not been around for a long time.”

Hammack, 40, is a master barber who was born and raised in West Virginia. He moved to Ripley, Ohio a couple of years ago and is in the market for a New Richmond home at the present time.

“I am not only opening up a barbershop here, but I am also becoming a resident,” he said. “I chose New Richmond because they recently lost their barber to retirement and the residents need a barber shop. Right now, we are the only shop of its kind and I am very excited about the future.”

Hammack, who speaks fluent Spanish, is engaged, and has a 16-year-old son who lives in Baltimore, has been barbering on and off for the last 15 years.

“I just recently completed my masters degree in barbering and am licensed through the Cincinnati School of Barbering.”

Last month, New Richmond embarked upon an economic development initiative to revive and revitalize the village and welcomed Hammack and his partner, best friend and master barber Jerry Oder, with open arms.

“Our grand opening was Aug. 3. We were overwhelmed at the amount of people that stopped by to give us their support and best wishes,” said Hammack.

“The community has been unbelievable. We would like to thank Robert Lees (who leased them the Front Street space), SAK contractors (the contractors who restored the space), the economic development counsel, and all the people in the community who have been just super in helping us get where we needed to be in getting the doors open.”

Oder, who lives in Highland Heights, says that a primary goal of this new business venture is to bring some life back into the community.

“We specialize in all hair types and styles,” said Oder. “Doug and I are both master barbers and can cut and style women’s and men’s hair, straight or curly hair, and Caucasian or African-American hair.”

Riverview Barber overlooks the Ohio River at 124 Front Street in New Richmond. For information on hours and prices, call (513) 553-2222 or e-mail your inquiries to