1965-66 Clermont County League, Eastern Hills League all-star squads were packed with Clermont County talent

It has been 40 years since Clermont County earned its first and only state track and field championship. But this was the most bright of the highlights of the 1965-66 school year. There were numerous prominent athletes in the county that school year.

Following are the all-star teams from 1965-66 a year in which there were just two athletic conferences of which county schools were members and the number of sports offered were much fewer.

The primary reasons for this was the enrollment in the high schools was much less then and there were no varsity girls sports played. The girls competed mostly versus their own school mates in what was known as the Girls Athletic Association.

Clermont County League


First team offense: Jerry Richardson (Glen Este), Larry Fontaine (Amelia), and Mike Harvey (Williamsburg) ends; Mike Ayers (Glen Este) and Rick Hosler (Bethel) tackles; Homer Beach (Bethel) and Ron Proffitt (Glen Este) guards; Steve Woods (Amelia) center; Randy Painter (Bethel) fullback; Dave Gold (Goshen) and Rich Simmonds (Glen Este) halfbacks; and Gordon Zimmerman (Clermont Northeastern) quarterback.

First team defense: Homer Beach (Bethel) and Bill Steele (Goshen) ends; Joe Bauer (Clermont Northeastern) and John Smith (Glen Este) tackles; Rich Hibbard (Glen Este) and Robert Pray (Goshen) guards; Rick Hosler (Bethel), Mike Ayers (Glen Este), Ray Ayers (Glen Este), Clinton Hutchinson (Williamsburg), and Bob Parsons (Amelia) linebackers; and Dave Gold (Goshen), Dennis Fisher (Glen Este), and G. P. McHenry (Goshen) backs.

Honorable mention: Ralph Caskey, Tom Kimball, Larry Hornsby, Dick Cook, Frank Klaas, Gary Grau, Doug Parsons, Rob Acres, and Ward Mechlin (Amelia), Mick Frederick, Tom Steele, Dave Wedding, John Duval, Duane Orleman, and Joe Justice (Goshen), Jack Iker (Williamsburg), Doug Barnes (Clermont Northeastern), and Barry Moran (Felicity).

Co-coaches of the year: Tom Dowling (GE) and Bill Diebel (CNE).


First team: Don Ogletree (honorary captain, Batavia), Chris Hall (Glen Este), Terry Hamm (Amelia), Danny Bare (Batavia), Dave Smith (Batavia), Eddie Brooks (Bethel), Buddy White (Bethel), Gordon Zimmerman (Clermont Northeastern), Bob Louderback (Felicity), and Denny Carter (Williamsburg).

Second team: Hal Fry and Doug Parsons (Amelia), Al Ginn (Bethel), Harold Stephenson and Wayne Herring (Clermont Northeastern), Jim Jennings and Bill Wagner (Felicity), Dave Gold, Jim Smith, and Tom Steele (Goshen), Troy Davis and Chuck Seebohm (Glen Este), and Mike Harvey and Ken Stoup (Williamsburg).

Coach of the year: Shafe Boles (GE).


First team: Hal Fry (honorary captain, Amelia), Doug Lyons (Amelia), Don Beach (Bethel), Doug Van Winkle (Bethel), Bill Wagner (Felicity), Mike Ayers (Glen Este), Rich Simmonds (Glen Este), Terry Dickten (Goshen), and Dave Gold (Goshen).

Coach of the year: Bob Cann (Amelia).

Track and Field

First team: Don Ogletree (top scorer, Batavia), Dave Smith (Batavia), Stanley Dennison (Clermont Northeastern), Gary Boggs (Bethel), Joe Ogletree (Batavia), Bob Louderback (Felicity), Eric Williamson (Glen Este), and Mike Haskell (Batavia).

Coach of the year: Bob Clousson (Batavia).

Eastern Hills League


First team: no one.

Honorable mention: Ron Brock, offensive tackle and defensive lineman; John Farley, halfback; Steve Hadley, offensive guard; and Wally Richmond, defensive tackle (Milford), and Charles Nelson, fullback, and Milton Prebble, fullback (New Richmond).


First team: Ken Meibers, Joe Moore, and Dan Slusher (Milford) and Leroy Woodruff (New Richmond).

Honorable mention: Larry Luecke (Milford).


First team: Gib Hamilton, shortstop and pitcher, and Mike Kyle, outfielder (New Richmond).