Projects demonstrated for seniors

One of the highlights of the Clermont County Fair is always the general projects demonstrated by 4-H and FFA participants and this year was no exception.

In honor of senior citizen day at the fair, the first and second place 4-H junior winners had the opportunity to entertain the seniors with their project demonstrations July 26.

Presenting to an appreciative audience of more than 70 seniors, the teenagers gave their winning presentations as part of an intergenerational activity designed to give seniors an idea of what 4-H actually does at the fair outside of the animals.

Batavia resident and senior Jo Gregory said that she was very proud and impressed by the dedication and talent of the kids.

“The general projects are truly interesting,” she said. “The highlight of my year is to come to the fair and watch these amazing kids do their thing.”

The projects were varied. There were presentations on acting exercises and performance tips, popping rockets, sketch art dynamics, summer craft sales, making teddy bears, lyrical dance, and even fashion accessories and tips.

According to 4-H Youth Development Educator and Batavia resident Kate Gross, there are 14 4-H clubs in Clermont County and the programs are open to anyone between the ages of eight and eighteen.

“I am in charge of all the 4-H activities in Clermont County throughout the year and I absolutely love it,” she said. “4-H teaches kids all of the life skills that they could possibly need in life for current and future success. It helps build leadership and citizenship.

“It teaches them things like public speaking, agriculture, raising livestock, cooking, and sewing. It helps kids grow and learn in a healthy and responsible way.”

According to Gross, there are more than 7 million 4-Hers in the United States alone. This makes 4-H the largest out of school youth program in the country. 4-H is part of the Cooperative Extension System, which is a non-profit program operated through the Ohio State’s land grant university.

Land-Grant universities, such as The Ohio State University, are those institutions that provide education to citizens in agricultural and mechanical fields and conduct research into related problems faced by citizens.

Batavia resident Anna Green, 15, and her project partner Cydney Hill, 13, presented their project on acting and performance skills.

“I have been in 4-H since the age of five,” said Green. “I have learned many leadership skills over the years and have so much fun meeting people and making friends. Today, demonstrating our project for the senior citizens, has been the highlight of my fair experience.”